water. sanitation. hygiene.

busogatrust is a charity that constructs and rehabilitates wells, boreholes, latrines & washrooms in the Busoga Region & Luwero District of Uganda.

Working with local communities, we get the spades in and do the work on the ground, finding local solutions to local problems. We also run hygiene and sanitation trainings and menstrual hygiene management workshops for women and girls.

In 2020 - 2021, we impacted over 212,000 people with the transformational benefits of clean water and good hygiene and sanitation. We rehabilitated 229 non-functional boreholes, as part of our major borehole rehabilitation programme with communities benefitting not only from clean safe water, but from our accompanying hygiene and sanitation training and Covid-19 resources. 


Our water projects have been changing lives in Uganda since 1983.


water sources built


rural people served


fruit trees planted


handpump mechanics trained

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“Every day we collected water from the borehole which was brown and had particles in it. We used it for laundry, food preparation and drinking, however, before use, the water would be poured in sauce pans and then used the following day. This allowed the brown rust particles, caused by the rusted borehole pipes, to settle at the bottom and the bad repulsive iron smell, to evaporate leaving better quality water.

Since Busoga Trust rehabilitated our borehole we now drink water direct from the borehole, it is so clean and tastes much better”

Children of Bupendo Kigweri